Association pour le Respect du Site du Mont-Blanc

Association of Mont Blanc Site Compliance

The Association for the Mont Blanc Site Respect aims for 20 years to fight against the pollution generated by heavy goods traffic in transit in the Chamonix valley.

She has, since its inception, received the support of a majority of the inhabitants of the valley, many elected officials and the wider European French citizens or sensitive to the crucial problem of freight transportation.

The objective of the association is to achieve a radical change of policy for transport, both at national and European level, with the transfer of goods to rail and water routes. This transfer must be accompanied by a comprehensive reflection on the usefulness of certain transport and their impact on the economy, the state budget, environment and health.

What do we want?

  • Strict enforcement of existing regulations and widespread checks on lorries not only Mont Blanc, but also on all road networks.
  • Inducing carriers to use existing rail capacity for the crossing of the Alps.

  • Develop combined transport over long distances. Wanting can not simply cross the Alpine barrier from the rail while multiplying the number of trucks on all other roads.

  • HGV ban on night driving in all mountain valleys. Pollution of a truck is six times higher at night because the temperature inversions trap the pollutants in the bottom of valleys.

  • Placing a heavy vehicle fee applicable on the entire road network to offset the costs of road transport (environmental damage, health expenditures, road wear, accident costs ...).

     Association of Mont Blanc Site Compliance

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Latest news

13-Mar-2013Find the presentation of the General Assembly
05-Mar-2013Read the Bulletin No. 26 of the ARSMB - March 2013
01-Mar-2013Pollution peaks ....
22-Feb-2013Threshold reached again alert.
05-Feb-2013General Assembly ARSMB March 8.
06-Dec-2012Franco-Italian summit on 3 December
05-Dec-2012Lyon-Turin: Our position.
25-Nov-2012The viaduct as you've never seen.
20-Nov-2012November 17 we managed!
19-Nov-2012the demonstration on November 17 in excerpts!

General Assembly ARSMB Friday, March 8, 2013 at 20:30 at the Majestic Chamonix.

Franco-Italian summit in Lyon this 03 December: A Lyon-Turin maybe in 15 years, a prodigious cost, risky financing, as many trucks in the Alpine valleys, NO lures, YES to the modernization and development lines existing, yes to a real modal shift, immediately, yes to environmental tax ...

500 people in March of this Respects November 17. Clear and sustained message. Thank you to ALL.

see Articles, photos and videos online.


The Minister of Transport wrote to the Mayor of Chamonix: The doubling of the tunnel is not valid.

 The complaint against the State for breach of the law on air has been discontinued.

Simon Métral New President ARSMB.

The year 2012 starts badly: January and February   in the rhythm of November and December for serious pollution; and we see nothing coming .... 35 exceedance days are achieved March 7 ...

70 days PM10 exceedances of Passy in 2011.

Big air pollution Arve Valley and Mont Blanc in the country this mid-November. What are we doing? Online Article

 see the PPP project:

Feel free to join: The Association of Victims of pollution in the Arve Valley is born: 357 Road Reninge. Saint Martin sur Arve. 74700. Sallanches. 0603244984.

-------------------------------------------------- - The RN 205 passes under concession ATMB (motorway and Mont Blanc Tunnel). TIR roll gratis in the Mont-Blanc.